#7KeysMediate 3: Mediative Leadership Joan Goldsmith

Monday, August 31, 2020

#7KeysMediate: 3

Key 1: Leadership: Establish Strong, Collaborative, Mediative Leadership | Joan Goldsmith


Joan is a bestselling author and international expert on leadership, guiding many people and especially woman to be leaders in their own lives, careers and communities.
Joan shares many inspiring practice examples of female leaders making a difference and establishing leadership in their own lives and that of others.

The most relevant competency for mediators who lead change in the mediation field is to master the context, understand the big picture.
Leadership can take many forms. If we all take our mediation skills into government, organisations, communities and our families, we can enable others -who are not licensed mediators- to be mediators in their own lives and lead change.

Mediators must act, walk their talk and be of service to societies by practicing a mediative mindset. They need to work with everyone, including those in power and those they have differing opinions with, engaging in collaboration, dialogue etc. to lead change and create new structures and systems. E.g. in organisations to enable people in business to better communicate and work with each other.

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Next week the interviews with Joan's Australian co-authors who share more perspectives and knowledge on leadership. Something to look forward to!

Please feel free to re-share the 7 keys widely in your own networks and let's keep the conversation going. 

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