Toolkit Company consults multinational companies on integrating Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) systems in their legal processes.

Manon Schonewille also supports leading law firms to successfully guide their clients in setting up, implementing and concluding the best ADR process for each case (mediation and hybrid procedures).

Manon Schonewille consults governmental organizations in mediation legislation, conflict management and setting up ADR programs. For example as Key ADR Expert in the European Commission sponsored project ‘Technical Assistance for Better Access to Justice’ in Turkey, in the Europe-wide civil justice project ‘Lawyers in ADR’, in Greece as well as in the Administration of Justice Program in Barbados. 

Toolkit Company is involved in several leading international consulting, research and training projects, including European Commission sponsored programs and has developed innovative training know-how and materials, such as educational games an videos and a range of books and other publications, which have been translated into several languages and are used in Europe, North America, Australia and in the Middle East for academic and training purposes.