Successful introduction of Toolkit Mediation 4th edition

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Festive introductory event of Toolkit Mediation (4th ediation)


We are grateful to all our guests and esteemed speakers for a festive book presentation and introduction of the 4th edition of Toolkit Mediation. With lively presentations by former Minister of Justice Ard van der Steur ('In the next edition please also include a 'patience tool' for mediators''and' 'Mediation is definitely on the rise and therefore should be encouraged') and former President of the Commercial Chamber in Amsterdam Peter Ingelse ('Mediation must be clearly distinguished from conciliation during legal proceedings in courts'and' if you want to achieve excellent results in settlement processes it is important to allow sufficient for teh process to unfold').

This was followed by a lively debate about stimulating statements such as:

  • 'The rule of law must be abolished',
  • 'Mediation is a threat to the legal profession' and
  • 'Mediation must be promoted, as well as the justice system'

The event was concluded with bites & drinks and stimulating conversations on the ground floor of the Schonewille & Schonewille office at Spaces Hofplein in Rotterdam.



(Pictures of Marjon de Vroomen and Huub Liefhebber)

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