#7KeysMediate 1: intro Nadja Alexander & Lela Love

Monday, August 17, 2020

#7KeysMediate: 1 Introduction by Nadja Alexander and Lela Love

The series kicks-off with an inspiring interview with Lela Porter Love and Nadja Alexander. They invite us to IMAGINE the next practice instead of focussing on best practices to evolve as a mediation profession.

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Imagining the next practice will lead us away from a fragmented mediation age. An important key is to initiate discussion among all stakeholders on navigating mediation’s best future. 

The next practice is now. We are at the threshold. The question is how and what keys will we use. Do we walk through the door fragmented, or as a true
collaborative profession? Leaving behind what is not serving us anymore.  
We are at a critical juncture as a mediation profession. 

The 7 keys articles are all very different and at the same time
they each form an important part of a jigsaw puzzle. Let’s focus on where we want to go instead of creating layers of separation and fragmentation. Embrace the 7 keys and spread them widely.

Thank you, Lela and Nadja for sharing your profound insights! Highly recommended watching!

Please feel free to re-share the 7 keys widely in your own networks and let's keep the conversation going. 


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