7 Keys to Unlock Mediations Golden Age

Seven Keys to Unlock Mediation’s Golden Age - #7KeysMediate


In 2020 Mediate.com serialised 23 peer-reviewed propositions, each expressed in 1,111 words or less. Published in the form of articles by 40 authors in 16 countries and author interviews by Manon Schonewille. All part of the over-arching question: what are the Seven Keys to Unlock Mediation’s Golden Age (#7KeysMediate). It aims to mobilize dialogue among the field’s stakeholders on new approaches and attitudes that will take mediation to higher, deeper and wider levels.

The series is meant to inspire the field’s stakeholders - to provide a collaborative, mediativeleadership where they simultaneously lead and serve. A leadership characterized by a commitment to empower all stakeholders to become joint owners, not just renters, of mediation’s future.

The Seven Keys identify shortfalls in mediation’s development that, if addressed by the field, can create new, opportunities and consist of: 

  • # 1 Leadership
  • # 2 Data
  • # 3 Education
  • # 4 Profession
  • # 5 Technology
  • # 6 Government and
  • # 7 Usage

Through table of contents you can access them all here online. Both the articles and the accompanying interview.

Want to read the consolidated 7 Keys as an e-book, or on your tablet offline? Here you can download the e-book. Generously made freely available by all authors and the curator of the series, Michael Leathes:

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