Qualified Assessment Program - Mediators

Assessment program to become
IMI Certified Mediator or ADR-Register Full Certified Mediator


  • Here is a document describing your route from IMI Qualified to IMI Certified mediator if you trained with Toolkit Company in The ACADEMY Legal Mediation.
  • Self-evaluation, continuous professional development with peer feedback as well as a clear understanding of the mediator of their own style and approach are crucial. Therefor the feedback digest, user feedback, a logbook and self assessment of the mediator are important. Besides this, the mediator receives individual feedback from the assessor(s) both on their performance during the performance-based assessment and while reviewing how the mediator dealt with mediations in practice. 
  • To become IMI Certified the mediator needs to have gained experience (20 cases or 200 hours). 
  • If the candidate has completed an IMI Certified Mediation Training Program (CMTP), they can become an IMI Qualified Mediator first
  • The idea behind a 3-step assessment is to give young (meaning ‘new to the field’) mediators a possibility to ascertain potential clients and mediation providers that they meet quality standards as IMI Qualified Mediator, which will help them to acquire cases (either on their own or as co-mediator) that are necessary to gain sufficient experience to become an IMI Certified Mediator or ADR-Register full Certified Mediator.
  • Additionally this can serve as a first step in an ongoing professional development system that will guide and monitor mediators when gaining experience while embarking on a Continuous Professional Development path including self reflection and peer intervision that should stimulate the mediator to continue the habit of self reflection and seeking peer reviews.

 IMPORTANT: Please read the steps to take to become IMI Certified or Qualified here first.

More information on the Performance Based Assessment and registration here.