Articles 2008-2010


  • CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, INTEGRAAL CONFLICT MANAGEMENT EN MEDIATION, Jan Eijsbouts & Manon Schonewille in Forum Conflict Management, The Hague, SDu 2008/3. 

  • Geslaagde samensmelting tussen best practices en de nieuwste inzichten uit de wetenschap. Boekbespreking" "Geschilafdoening in zakelijke contracten" van Ellen van Beukering-Rosmuller, Manon Schonewille, Tijdschrift voor Conflictmanagement TMD, 2008-2, p.14-20

  • Over wat advocaten moeten weten van mediation en nog veel meer. Boekbespreking: "Toolkit Mediation Advocacy"van Manon Schonewille, Ellen van Beukering,Tijdschrift voor Conflictmanagement TMD, 2008-2, p. 7-12. 

  • Deal-mediation, of liever: deal-facilitation, een kennismaking, Manon Schonewille, Tijdschrift voor Conflictmanagement TMD, 2008-2, p. 39-40. 

  • The art of the deal ‘Deal Mediation’ Hesha Abrams, Tijdschrift voor Conflictmanagement TMD, 2008-2, p.41-43.

  • Uw zakelijk conflict onder controle? Een korte beschouwing over waarom en hoe van integraal conflictmanagement naar aanleiding van twee recente boeken, A.J.A.J. Eijsbouts, Tijdschrift voor Conflictmanagement TMD, 2008-2, p.21-27.

  • De vergissing van Descartes en 60 bits per seconde voor ons bewustzijn. Kan modern hersenonderzoek een praktische bijdrage leveren aan de kwaliteit van besluitvorming in conflictsituaties? Huub Liefhebber, Tijdschrift voor Conflictmanagement TMD, 2008-2, p.45-48. 

  • Kleine Toolkit Deal Mediaton. In: Preventieve Mediation, G. Frerks, A. Jongbloed e.a. (red.), Schonewille, M.A., Apeldoorn/Antwerpen: Maklu, 2010. 




  • Q&A with former chief FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss on the secret of gaining the upper hand in negotiations. Manon Schonewille.
  • ‘LESSONS FROM THE FIELD’, FIRST IMPRESSIONS FROM SECOND GENERATION NEGOTIATION TEACHING. IN: VENTURING BEYOND THE CLASSROOM, Fox, K.H., M.A. Schonewille & E. Cuhadar Gurnkaynak.; vol. 2 of Rethinking Negotiation Teaching Series, edited by Honeyman, C., J. Coben & G. de Palo. St. Paul, MN: DRI Press, 2010.


    In May, 2008, an international group of 50 negotiation scholars and teachers met in Rome, Italy, to launch a four year project to rethink negotiation theory and pedagogy. From its inception, the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching project (NT 2.0 project) has had two primary goals: to significantly advance our understanding of the negotiation process in all its complexity; and to improve how we teach others about negotiation. The first year of this four-year project focused on generating new ideas and approaches to negotiation scholarship and teaching. Some of this scholarship was published in the book Rethinking Negotiation Teaching and some in Negotiation Journal. These articles call on negotiation teachers and scholars to make a paradigm shift from first generation negotiation thinking toward second generation thinking or, as has been described elsewhere, from “Negotiation 1.0” to “Negotiation 2.0.”
    The second year of the negotiation project challenged this group of scholars to test and refine these new ideas in practice. The authors of this current article were invited to design a training program based on the emerging “Negotiation 2.0” scholarship and to deliver that training at Bilgi University in Istanbul, Turkey. This article reports the results of the pilot course and offers both conceptual and practical suggestions for further second generation negotiation teaching.
  • RETHINKING NEGOTIATION TEACHING. The first and subsequent publication of the multi-year effort to critique contemporary negotiation pedagogy and create new training designs:Second generation global negotiation education. On Hamline University's website individual book  chapters can be downloaded adn viewed in pdf. 

    Project scholarship includes four books:

    Rethinking Negotiation Teaching: Innovations for Context and Culture (DRI Press 2009): Volume 1 - and a special section of the April 2009 issue of Negotiation Journal published by the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School (Volume 25, Issue 2). 

    Venturing Beyond the Classroom: Volume 2 in the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching Series (DRI Press 2010).

    Assessing Our Students, Assessing Ourselves: Volume 3 in the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching Series (DRI Press 2012). 

    Educating Negotiators for a Connected World: Volume 4 in the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching Series (DRI Press 2013). 

  • The project has also helped launch 谈判 Tán Pàn: the Chinese-English Journal on Negotiation.

  • A Perfect Storm is Gathering. Jan Eijsbouts   Hans Peter Frick   Bengt Gustafson   Marina Kaldina   Wolf von Kumberg   Michael Leathes   Deborah Masucci   Erik B. Pfeiffer   Philip Ray   Roland Schroeder   Steve Weatherley   R. Bruce Whitney. General Counsel of international companies co-authored this article and predicted that energy generated by the triple convergence of economic and financial turmoil, the drive by corporate law departments for greater control over outcomes, and new Information and Communication Technology capabilities, would radically change the attitudes towards disputes held by both the supply and demand sides of the legal services market.The full article can be read at IMI's website.