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Specialization Course Outline | Module II

  • For professionals wishing to specialize in commercial mediation and/or learn how to effectibvely deal with conflict within or between companies.
  • 55 Continuous Professional Development hours (certified by CSMC-R) *
  • Live trainings online with an international panel of experts in the field.
  • Interactive program with discussions, exercises, role-plays, real time feedback.
  • Individual coaching provided. 
  • Classes from 13.15 / 1.15 PM – 18.30 / 6.30 PM CE(S)T and the 2 full days from 09.15 AM - 18.30  / 6.30 PM CE(S)T
  • Dates: 

    Introduction class: tbd 12h00-14h15 CET

    Classes  t.b.d.

  • Number of participants: 21 (maximum)
  • Course books (Digital and physical): Toolkit Generating Outcomesas well as Pocket Toolkit for the Commercial Mediator and Pocket Toolkit Mediation Advocacy
  • Optional additional performance-based assessment as an immediate follow-up (also online) for mediators wishing to become IMI certified (depending on experience). 
  • More information here.



  • o   Early registration (more than 2 months before the module starts): € 3’955.00/CHF 3’955.00 (not including VAT, if applicable). 
    Students who have taken Module 1, and Members of the SCCM and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIG) benefit from a reduced rate of € 3’545.00/CHF 3’545.00 for this module.  The fees includes all training materials and a copy of the book: Toolkit Mediation.

    o   Late registration (two months or less before the module starts): an additional 25% will be added.



  • Lectures and group discussions
  • Case studies
  • Summaries and checklists using practical tools that help to summarize and diagnose key concepts from a commercial mediation perspective (e.g., tools and techniques, steps in the process, interests and positions, focusing on different types of mediation and evaluative v. non-evaluative and a use of a revised Riskin Grid classification system).
  • A framework for putting cultural issues (whether national, professional, or corporate) into perspective to help prepare for mediations
  • Homework and reading assignments
  • Use of videos
  • Recording of lectures and own practice / roleplay including trainers feedback
  • Practice will be the main focus of this course. Role plays will be used throughout the course:
    • for plenary demonstrations (to cover all stages of a commercial mediation process, including post settlement agreement and non-settlement issues)
    • for group sessions to practice different aspects at different stages of a commercial mediation process, including managing tough situations.mediation process, including managing tough situations



Online or offline personalized coaching sessions are also available as follow-up.





Before the Course

  • A questionnaire will be sent out beforehand to gauge information about the participants’ knowledge, experience and expectations.  People may be organized into teams based on this information.
  • Given the mix of participants expected [from beginners to mediators with a deep professional experience in mediation in general, as well as lawyers and in-house counsel, an initial online session of 2 hours will be offered online before the course begins.
  • The digital book Toolkit Generating Outcomes | Mediation - Negotiation will made available to all course participants and should be reviewed. The partcipants will also receive a physical copy of the book