For whom?


This training is particularly suited to Swiss mediators wishing to specialise in commercial mediation and learning more about the dynamics in workplace conflicts, and for experienced dispute resolution professionals seeking to learn more about domestic, international intra- and innercompany commercial dispute resolution processes. It is organised as follows:

  • Participants will learn in 12 modules, under the guidance of experienced commercial and workplace mediators, essential skills to professionally prepare for, guide, manage and conduct a commercial mediation and employment cases. You will be coached to master the design and conduct of mediation processes including ‘process-architecture’. 
  • Participants will gain substantive practice based on role-plays and exercises based on real commercial disputes, working for several hours on the same case in teams, so that each participant can cycle through an entire mediation process, including the finalizing stages.
  • In addition to learning through a combination of lectures and applied role-plays, the trainers will share experiences from real cases, provide insights into a wide range of practices, and share key factors for conducting successful commercial mediations.


This training is also designed to accommodate commercial users and their advisors or advocates who wish to learn how to initiate commercial mediators, select commercial mediators, prepare for and successfully participate in commercial mediations.

  • The course will start with a first day training to review core learnings and concepts of mediation, to ensure that participants with different backgrounds and levels of practical experience are able to integrate the course and understand the diverse ways in which commercial mediations may be handled around the world.     
  • Students who are new to mediation will receive additional reading literature to study beforehand and the opportunity to attend an online preparatory lecture on the basics of mediation, as compared to conciliation and arbitration. 
  • Because participants will practice commercial mediation cases working in small groups, participants will learn about commercial  mediation not only from the perspective of mediators, but also as parties and advocates.



Who should attend?

  • New mediators in training
  • Experienced mediators looking for additional training
  • Experienced ADR professionals wishing to specialize in commercial mediation and workplace conflict
  • Mediation and ADR professionals wishing to learn how to sucessfully conduct a commercial or business mediation online.
  • Corporate counsel wishing to know more about how commercial mediation works
  • Lawyers wishing to know more about how commercial mediation works
  • HR professionals wishing to know more about in-company conlfict handling mechanisms like mediation


To be able to successfully participate in this course participants need to meet the following criteria:

  • Sufficient fluency in English (reading and spoken)
  • A minimum of 2 years professional work experience in an executive, legal, financial, management or other business professional function.
  • A university degree or higher education level.
  • If you have not completed a prior general mediation training you need to commit to complete the required preparatory readings and participate in the preparatory online workshop before the training starts.