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Toolkit Company is involved in several leading international consulting, research and training projects and has developed innovative training know-how and materials, such as educational videos and games and a range of books and other publications, which have been translated into several languages and are used in Europe, North America, Australia and in the Middle East for academic and training purposes.

  • Toolkit Company offers specialised in-house 'Mastering' educational programs in negotiation, conflictmanagement, mediation and mediation advocacy to individual mediators, corporate clients and leading law firms. 
  • Toolkit Company offers training for trainers, training for assessors and trainers accreditation programs to Dispute Resolution professionals. 

Besides this we also develop and make available licensed training materials for other professional training organizations like the Academy Legal Mediation of Schonewille & Schonewille (NL)assessment tools and academic modules for ACB foundation (NL), Mediator trainings for Chania and Patras Mediation Center (GR), Dispute Management (SP) and several international projects among others for the EC and WB.

Based on our extensive experience in mediation and negotiation pedagogy, the latest insights from neuroscience, second generation negotiation teaching and the newest ADR developments are included in all Toolkit Company trainings.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in learning more about our exciting programs 'Mastering Mediation™, 'Mastering Mediation Advocacy™, 'Mastering Co-Mediation™,  Specialization Commercial Mediation, 'Mastering Negotiation™, Negotiating with your brain™ or Generating Outcomes Using Mediation.™


Toolkit Company's recent and upcoming programs



  • 9 day Training Course in Chania Crete January 8-16 2020. This forming mediation skills training meets the highest international professional and academic competency standards in commercial mediation. The training is based on the Toolkit systematic with practical reference materials. Using new pedagogical approaches to mediation and negotiation, these courses use creative learning techniques such as the popular Toolkit Board Game, as well as a Toolkit Mediation Intervention & Techniques module. Varied teaching methods like video demonstrations, real life demonstrations, exercises and case studies as well as simulations are used to accommodate different learning styles and to enhance the learning experience for all attendees, to ensure a deep and long term learning experience. 

    Training course in Greek by lead trainer Dimitra Triantafyllou.


  • A workshop mediation advocacy in Greek is currently planned for february 2020 in Crete Greece. Language: Greek.
  • The next Dutch specialisation course for commercial mediators starts February 7 2020. More information. Language: Dutch.
  • Negotiation course for Green climate fund in Seoul, Korea on February 13 adn 14. Language: English.
  • Legal Mediation basic course in Academy Legal Mediation starts on March 18 2020 in Rotterdam. More information. Language: Dutch.
  • Intercultural Mediation on 12 March for IHK (Chamber of Commerce) in Feldkirchen-Westerham and on 26 March for EBS, European Business School in Germany. Language: German.
  • Just negotiate for Accordence (USA) on 23 April in London UK. Language: English.   
  • A specialisation course for Swiss mediators in collaboration with the Swiss Chamber for Commercial Mediators as well as the Chamber of Commerce in Geneva starts on July 10 2020. More information. Language: English.
  • Mastering Mediation (summer intensive) in central Europe is currently planned for summer 2020.