Practical and pricing

Dates autumn/winter 2020

Basic mediation course, becoming a qualified mediator and effective negotiator online
Module 1 I CSMC-R - CCIG

Classes from 14.00 / 2 PM – 18.15 / 6.15 PM CEST.


Time table:

Introduction class Friday 23rd October 14.00 / 2 PM – 16.00 / 4.00 PM CEST

October: 30

November: 3, 10, 13, 17, 24, 27

December: 1, 3, 8, 10

Optional bonus class: 13th December 


Swiss CPD/accreditation: 68 hours (of 45 minutes) incl bonus class)

International CPD/accreditation: 50+ hours incl bonus class



Times, language, students:

Training sessions are scheduled to take place from 14.00 – 18.15 Central European Summer Time (CEST).  All sessions will include at least 4 hours of training. The total course consists of 11 days of 4 hour teaching sessions, 2 hour introductory session, an additional bonus class of 5 hours, an individual 30 minute meeting with one of the trainers at the conclusion of the course session.

The exact dates and times of these sessions are subject to review.  They will depend on the locations and geographical time zones of the participants who will have registered for it.  Each training will be limited to 21 students, and there will be at least 2 trainers (not including occasional guest speakers) for groups exceeding 8 participants.  Alternative dates and times may be proposed, to address all participants’ availabilities (e.g., moving some sessions to weekends or evening classes, or doing more sessions on the same day, if needed).  All sessions will be recorded (subject to participants’ permission) to enable students who have to miss a session or part of it to be able to catch up on it in their own time.

All programs will be taught in English, although the trainers will be able to also work for small groups session in German, Dutch, French and Spanish and depending on the number of participants coaching in Greek can also be provided for.


Course Price:

This online course is offered with a special introductory rate of € 2,222,00 | US$ 2,500,00 (not including VAT). If you are a company within the European Union we can arrange for a VAT swap if you have a VAT number of your own.  No VAT will be due for students outside of the EU  who sign up through a company.  The price for the additional optional role-play practice and assessment days (which last 2-days) is an additional € 1,400,00 (2 days) or € 1,900,00 (if a 3-day option is chosen), not including VAT.  Students having attended this course will be eligible to obtain a 10% discount on all additional Toolkit training courses and assessments.  

The price for this online course in the future will be €2,750.00, not including VAT.  

This training is an introductory training to the specialisation training organised with the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (Section Romandie) (« CSMC-R ») on « Mastering Commercial Mediation ».  Students who sign up for both trainings will benefit from a 10% discount for both courses (in which case the cost of this training will be € 1,999.80 | $ 2,2250.00). Taking both trainings qualifies for 80 hours of continuous professional education.



What is included:

Included with the 50+ hours of online training are: an individual coaching session to review your performance during the training and to discuss your intended next steps, and to answer any individual questions you may have.  The price includes course materials, practical checklists, articles, summaries of several negotiation books, an online copy of the book Toolkit Generating Outcomes, and excerpts from the book The Variegated Landscape of Mediation. As well as online copies of chapters from several other books on negotiation and mediation. You will also gain access to Toolkit’s digital learning environment for a period of 1 year following completion of this course.