Moving your mediation business online

Here you can watch Manon's seminar on the practicalities of moving your mediation business online, held for colleagues of the International Mediation Institute.




Conflicts are not quarantined, there is a new reality and we as mediators can make an important contribution by staying active right now. Mediators can switch flexibly and thus offer mediations under all circumstances, for example online. And that is important, because we as a society will continue to face many challenges and conflicts in the near future. Waiting until we at some point in the future can sit face to face around the table as usual or until the courts reopen, is not an option.
Looking for the Toolkit checklist Online Mediation?

Here is the English version.

Here is the Dutch version.

Here is the Spanish version (With thanks to our colleague Rafael Lobo Niembro for preparing this translation!)

By downloading you accept our terms that this video and the checklist are meant for personal use for an individual mediator to enable all of us to stay active during these times. It is not allowed to commercialize or otherwise use the video or checklist.
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