Blended and online learning opportunities

Special additional offer to attend this specialization course via distant learning

Based on interest and requests received we will add some exiting new features to the curriculum.

  • We received several requests to add employment cases and dealing with group conflict within companies. So, we will add the possibility to choose to work on an employment case as a mediator for the practice part and add a lecture with practice on effectively dealing with inner company group conflict to the curriculum.
  • There are participants who indicated they would like to join via home-study. So, we are offering a distant learning option. *


Structured learning:

The general format of this specialization course is that we will deal with theory, lectures, interactive discussions, and debriefing on homework assignments etc. in separate modules from the practice, role-plays / small group work / exercises.

All participants (live online and distant learning) will be given access to our digital learning platform with several (chapters from) books, publications, checklists, background information, as well as videos of classes and practice performance sessions. Access to this platform will be made available for at least one year after following the course so you can revisit any lectures and material at your own leisure in the future


Here are the 2 options to follow this training to choose from:

1. Distant learning, mainly self-study: access to our digital learning platform, access to all learning materials, you can watch the instructional videos of the morning classes in home study, interact with the other participants and be given the opportunity to ask questions and interact with an instructor on a separate date in an online live facilitated  1 ½ hour Q&A session.    

Register here.

CSMC/SKWM & FSM & CCIG members: CHF 500,- | € 450 
others: CHF 600,- | € 570,- |  $ 650,-

2. Full online live facilitated training:  everything in the distant learning and online attendance offer (so you will also be given access to the interactive digital learning platform, where you can re-watch all lectures on video, you can attend the additional online q&a session), together online life facilitated lectures, mediation practice and role-play sessions under the guidance of  a trainer and/or coach in separate break-out rooms. We videotape and make available each practice session including the feedback and practical tips for you individually of the facilitator and your parties, so you can re-watch your performance again to get even deeper learning and understanding. We can also change one of the role-plays to an online mediation practice session to teach you how to mediate online and learn how to be in control of the technique and digital proceedings. 

A 30-minute individual coaching call with one of the trainers or coaches will be offered after the successful completion of the course, as well a certificate as Toolkit Accredited Commercial and Business Mediator.
You will also receive a physical copy of the book ‘Toolkit Generating Outcomes’ besides the e-copy in our digital learning platform.

Register here.

CSMC/SKWM & FSM & CCIG members
, as well as alumni of the TC Online Basic mediation training course: CHF 2.350,- | € 2.222,- |  $ 2.550,-
Others: CHF 2.9250,-  | € 2.750,- | $ 3.200,-


* The distant learning option will only be available if the online course is actually taking place, which is subject to a sufficient number of online participants signing up.