Training for Trainers


Training of trainers & post training assessment to become a trained and accredited mediation course trainer

A successful and sought-after trainer needs special knowledge, skills and hands-on experience. Do you:

  • know how to best design training programs that are inspiring, motivational and at the same time pedagogically sound?
  • accommodate all learning styles in your training; including your own preferred learngin style?
  • master presentation and entertrainer skills that enable you to keep your audience interested and engaged, even during a long training day?
  • immediately grab people’s attention and can you motivate them for your topic?
  • feel comfortable in addressing large and small groups?
  • know how to deal with challenging participants, difficult logistics and more trainers nightmares?

If you did not answer YES to all of the above: Email us to join in the next course.

You will learn to connect and communicate with several participants on different levels, deal with individuals in the groups as well as with group dynamics.  As a professional trainer you can plan well in advance and still you are proficient to deal with resistance and unexpected situations.

During this state of the art course you will gain insight in your personal strength and potential as a trainer, you will learn how to design and deliver a mediation-training program and at the same time you learn from and can be inspired by others. 

After this training you should be ready and able to deliver a mediation training program to students who are new to the field and you will as a side effect obtain advanced substantive expertise on mediation.

This training program will be concluded by a post-training assessment. Trainees who participated in this entire course will receive a certificate as a trained trainer. Trainees who additionally participate in and pass the post training assessment will receive a certificate of accomplishment from Toolkit Company (assessed and Toolkit accredited trainer). Those who chose to complete the course without the assessment will receive a certificate of attendance (trained trainer).

After successfully completing this course and passing the assessment you can opt for a next step in your career as a trainer once you have gained real life practice and experience as a trainer for example through a Toolkit Company post-experience assessment to become an advanced accredited and certified trainer. This advanced certification procedure involves coaching and debriefing on actual training programs and an assessor to sit in on an actual training day during a course that you deliver.

The program included a 6-month access to our social learning environment where you are able to contact other Toolkit accredited trainers from around the world.



Please come prepared to this intense training.
Expect to work hard during long training days (9.00-19 /19.30 hrs). 
And have fun! 

You have to bring a functioning laptop / electronic device which you can use with a projector during the training to deliver your own training modules and presentations. Also for the assessment. 


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Date of training:

Training of Trainers 13-17 July 2015

New dates to be announced for spring 2016

Your trainer(s)

Manon Schonewille

Dimitra K. Triantafyllou

Training of Trainers Days 1 and 2

Training of Trainers Days 3 and 4

Training of Trainers Pre-course assignments

40 hour course and accreditation in compliance with the Greek legal requirements for mediator trainers.