Mastering Mediation

5 day Training Course & 1 day Post Training Performance Based Assessment. This forming mediation skills training meets the highest international professional and academic competency standards in commercial mediation. The training is based on the Toolkit systematic with practical reference materials. Using new pedagogical approaches to mediation and negotiation, these courses use creative learning techniques such as the popular Toolkit Board Game, as well as a Toolkit Mediation Intervention & Techniques module. Varied teaching methods like video demonstrations, real life demonstrations, exercises and case studies as well as simulations are used to accommodate different learning styles and to enhance the learning experience for all attendees, to ensure a deep and long term learning experience. 


Mediators who pass the Toolkit-ACB assessment at Kedip have successfully absolved an IMI (International Mediation Institute) Qualified Assessment Program (more). Meaning that once they have gained practical experience as a mediator, they can become an IMI certified mediator. after just a short oral assessment where the actual mediation cases that the mediator did will be discussed with an assessor. IMI certification is an internationally recognised certification. Before becoming an IMI Certified Mediator you can join YMI, the Young mediators initiative. More info click here.


The next open subscription course in Greek by Lead Trainer Dimitra Triantafyllou to be announced in september at PMC/Kedip, 184 Praxitelous, Piraeus Greece.

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Download the Greek chapter of the variegated landscape of mediation here.


Opening Speech of Manon Schonewille for the Piraues Mediation Center in February 2013.

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