Training of Trainers Pre-course assignments

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please come prepared to this intense training

1. Homework before the course

  • Think about a good way of starting your training with the help of an icebreaker or warm-up exercise.
  • Prepare a general format for an agenda of a 40-hour basic mediation training. Bring this format with you in written form in class. While preparing the agenda keep track of the (design) choices you make. We’ll be discussing them.

Please note that it is absolutely vital to have done your pre-course assignment before you attend this course. Without this preparation you will inhibit your own learning experience and that of others. Lack of preparation will also influence your assessment results.

Please be advised that on some training days it will be necessary to do homework and/or work with your group to prepare for the next day’s assignment after the formal closing time of the course (19.00 hrs). So be aware that any activities outside of the training will be difficult to combine during these 5 intense days. 


2. Things to bring with you to the training

You need to bring a laptop or another device with which you can enter the internet to enable you to search the web while preparing for exercises. Also you need how to be juggling with your own laptop or other device in front of a group. It will give you hands-on experience with setting up a training room and managing your AV-devices. Without a device from whch you can project presentations, visuals and /or video's you cannot enter this course. You also need acces to the web as you wiill find all presentations, hand-outs, checklists and other information to help you prepare for your own training in our e-learning environment and you should be able to access that during the course.

We also advice to bring some basic and advanced mediation course materials and any other material that you find useful as a source of inspiration for your training (e.g., agenda’s, basic facts for cases, real life experiences in conflicts or dispute resolution that you can relate to as a trainer).