Training of Trainers Days 1 and 2

Program Day 1: start 09.00

  • Introduction, expectation management and program.
  • Basic concepts of adult education, part 1.

Module 1:” You as a professional trainer” Trainers attitude and competence profile of a trainer
Individual style, personality, inspiration, personal strength power, expectations, pitfalls and opportunities for further development.

  • Trainers attitude, discussion, test and start of your personal trainers log book                                                
  • Competence profile of a trainer:
            1. Engagement, enthusiasm, stamina.
            2. Social interaction: able to connect on several levels, tact, empathic, manageable ego,connecting with others.
            3. Presentation skills, persuasiveness. 
            4. Creativity and flexibility.
            5. Professionalism, authority, content expertise.
            6. Independence and initiatives.
            7. Self-assessment and self-management. Continuous Professional Development.

  • Your personal strengths and weaknesses as a trainer, and personal development plan.
  • Preparation for the presentation of your training agenda including an ice-breaker
    (what do you plan to do and why, review the design choices that you have made)                                                                                    

LUNCH 13.00 – 14.00

Module 2:       Getting started training execution Part 1: even a voyage of 10.000 miles begins with the first step and needs careful preparation.

  • Presentation of your training agenda including opening of your course and ice-breakers, execution and critique, review design choices.  
  • Review of several training agenda’s.                                                                                                                                                      
  • Refine or redefine your personal learning goals and strengths and weaknesses as a trainer.                                                   

Q&A - End of day 1: 19.00 / 19.30: Home work: Checklist training design including dealing with logistics.


Program Day 2: start 09.00

Module 3: Training theory and background, training execution: presentation, rationale, goals and objectives.

Design and structure of a mediation training module, agenda, teaching goals, teaching methods according to learning styles, educational tools, structuring. 

  • Basic concepts of adult education, part 2.                                                                                                                
  • Refine your training agenda. Design your training program. Structure the agenda, structure subjects and define your teaching goals, plan for use of several teaching methods/formats to reach your teaching objectives.
    One on one consultation with trainer where needed. A checklist training design is provided as a support tool.     
  • Presentation of your training program to explain what’s in it for your students and what they can expect including training objectives and goals.                                                      

LUNCH 13.00 – 14.00

Module 4: Training execution Part 2: presentation, lead-in and facilitating a discussion and Q&A session.

  • Execute your training.
    • Lead -in, plenary discussion and Q&A session on a topic that is dealt with in an early stage of the mediation training.                                                                                                                                       
    • The start of your training, presentation and facilitating a discussion and Q&A module.          

Q&A - End of day 2: 19.00 / 19.30: Home work: further prepare for executing your training part for the next day.